Regenerative and
antiaging medicine

Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine Unit

Regenerative medicine

En nuestra clínica contamos con la más avanzada biotecnología para la aplicación de terapias novedosas de regeneración de tejidos y órganos, especialmente en sistema osteoarticular, musculo esquelético, inmunológico, metabólico y antienvejecimiento facial y corporal.

Anti-Aging Medicine

The comprehensive health care in our clinic is based on four fundamental pillars: Nutrition and Quality of Life, Regenerative Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Surgery, and finally, Natural and Alternative Medicine. All with the intention of combating the effects of aging and achieving a more complete rejuvenating effect.

Laser Medicine

Una plataforma dual de Erbio y Neodimio Yag, diseñado para eliminar o mejorar condiciones de la piel como arrugas finas y de expresión consiguiendo una mejor textura y tonicidad, se puede asociar con técnicas de medicina regenerativa para potenciar su efecto y obtener un excelente rejuvenecimiento facial.

Aesthetic Medicine

La aplicación de rellenos dérmicos y otros tratamientos de medicina estética para combatir los efectos del envejecimiento. En nuestra clínica podrás someterte a tratamientos punteros como Hilos tensores, neuromoduladores, rellenos con Acido hialurónico entre otros.

Immunology and Immunotherapy

In our clinical immunology and immunotherapy service at RegenBiocell Clinic, we focus on the study and treatment of diseases due to disorders of the immune system, as well as those associated with other organ systems.

Hair Health

There are several diseases that affect the hair and scalp, and among the most common is alopecia. Hair loss or alopecia can occur anywhere on the body, but when it happens on the scalp, it's called baldness.







Dr. Oscar Mayorga Suarez

With over 20 years of experience in the field of regenerative

and anti-aging medicine, we have treated hundreds of

patients, always prioritizing their well-being through a service

based on ethics and excellence, with the goal of achieving

comprehensive health.


Gains in quality of life


We have professionals with recognized experience and expertise in our different areas of care.


Guidance and follow-up for our patients in integral health and nutritional adaptation.


We always aim to comply with all biosecurity norms and measures to ensure the peace of mind of our patients.


"I am very happy with the way RegenBiocell treats their patients. Doctor Oscar's expertise and the results are highly recommended by me, 100%."
Danielle Noel Romero
"Exelente tratamiento de medicina regenerativa hecho por el Dr. Oscar Mayorga en RegenBiocell Clinic. Gracias a éste, mi fractura de sacro y lesión en rodilla están totalmente curadas. Puedo dar fe de los excelentes resultados."
Gabriela G. Rodriguez
"I started losing my hair 10 years ago until I was completely bald. After visiting and consulting many hair clinics, a friend recommended RegenBiocell Clinic and I decided to go for a hair transplant. My satisfaction is total. I regained my hair as when I was 20 years old. Thank you, Dr. Oscar Mayorga."
Oscar Ballesteros
"I went to RegenBiocell Clinic to see Dr. Oscar Mayorga for a regenerative treatment on my knee after a sports injury. The attention I received could not have been better. From the very beginning, he got involved in my case and presented me with all the available options for my improvement. After three treatment sessions, the progress was visible and my knee was returning to a certain degree of normality. Without a doubt, it was a success to put myself in the hands of Dr. Oscar Mayorga, and I would do it again if necessary."
Adrian Camara

Our team


Bachelor of Medicine from UDG. Master's degree in Aesthetic Medicine.

Founder and Medical Director.

Surgeon MD. General and Family Medicine. Master's degree in Regenerative and Anti-aging Medicine from UV. Master's degree in Hair Transplantation.


Specialist in Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine from UV.

Physical therapist

Diploma in Physiotherapy from UM.

Administrative Director

Commercial and Financial Administrator from UB.


Journalist from UMH.

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