Aesthetic medicine

Laser liposculpture (liposuction): it is a body shaping technique through an ambulatory surgical procedure, under local or general anesthesia, in which first the fat is destroyed with a laser and then suctioned out, providing the desired harmony. Our aesthetic medicine:

- The laser is used in a focused manner, so it is only applied to the fat and does not harm any organs or tissues.

- Fat is extracted through a cannula, resulting in volume reduction.

- Treatments depend on the number of areas where it is desired to be applied and the volume of fat to be removed.

- The absence of inflammation and the quick recovery after a liposculpture allows the patient to see the results from the first moment.

- Definitive results are achieved after the fourth week.

- The skin retraction process extends over several months.

Other laser-supported cosmetic surgeries:

- Nose surgery: Minor cosmetic corrections, including implants.

- Eyelid surgery: Lower eyelid blepharoplasty and according to the size of the fat bag.

- Lip surgery: Cosmetic correction of volume or imperfections under local anesthesia.

- Bichectomy: "Cheek" or malar bag surgery through the oral route.

- Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation: Surgical technique to aesthetically and functionally remodel the vagina.

Our aesthetic medicine clinic

En la clínica de Medicina Estética, te ofrecemos los tratamientos estéticos no invasivos más eficaces, para mejorar tus rasgos faciales y corporales.

Facial Aesthetic Medicine Treatments

En nuestra Clínica de Medicina Estética contamos con tratamientos para la reducción de las arrugas faciales con neuromoduladores, rellenos faciales con ácido hialurónico de la más alta calidad, Aplicación de calidad, aplicación de factores regeneradores como complemento junto con el láser y otras técnicas para conseguir un rejuvenecimiento facial visible y duradero.

También realizamos tratamientos de antienvejecimiento facial y corporal, mediante la aplicación de facial y corporar mediante la aplicación de procedimientos regenerativos junto con las últimas tecnologías y procedimientos como el Nanofat que regenera y revitaliza tejidos como la piel de la cara, cuello, escote, manos, etc.

The application of tension threads is a non-invasive technique that has a natural lifting effect on the skin, in addition to chemical peeling treatments, which visibly reduce wrinkles, freckles, and expression lines.

Body Aesthetic Medicine Treatments

Hidrolipoclasia takes care of stubborn fat deposits that do not disappear with physical activity or diets. Mesotherapy is a complementary treatment that should be offered by your doctor to help alleviate certain symptoms and improve your comfort. It is particularly used by high-level athletes to treat joint traumas, tendinitis, and muscular problems. It is also used to treat rheumatism, migraines, vertigo, low back pain, neck pain, venous insufficiency, functional colopathy, or stress. Sometimes called "mesolift", "mesodissolution", "mesodrain", or "mesopecia", it is also aesthetically useful for treating cellulite, overweight, alopecia, or fibrous scars.

Neuromoduladores para Frente y Entrecejo

Utilizamos neuromoduladores con registro sanitario y de excelente calidad para tratamiento de arrugas, líneas del ceño.

Facial Fillers with Hyaluronic Acid

Application of biocompatible, reabsorbable substances with health registration to improve facial harmony and rejuvenate the face.

Factores proteicos regeneradores en rejuvenecimiento facial

Aplicación de factores proteicos regeneradores, utilizándolos como complemento junto con el láser y otras técnicas en el rejuvenecimiento facial.

Nanofat Facial Lipofilling

El Nanofat es un novedoso tratamiento mínimamente invasivo para regenerar y revitalizar tejidos como la piel de la cara, cuello, escote, manos etc. Es un procedimiento mediante el cual se extrae la grasa de una zona del cuerpo, principalmente del abdomen o glúteos se procesa se limpia y extraen elementos regeneradores que se inyectan en las capas subdérmicas de la piel.

Thread Lifting Without Surgery

The application of thread lifting is a non-invasive technique that has a natural lifting effect on the skin and involves the application of 100% biocompatible and reabsorbable threads intradermally in different areas of the face and body to tighten and firm the skin and produce collagen formation.

Hydrolipoclasia: Eliminate Localized Fat

It treats local fat, mainly fat deposits in specific areas of the body. Fat is usually present in the abdominal area, sides, hips, thighs, and back. These types of fat deposits almost never disappear with physical activity or diets. Hydrolipoclasia takes care of these stubborn fat deposits.


Mesotherapy consists of injecting a microdose of pharmacological substances under the skin, in direct proximity to the problem to be treated (facial rejuvenation, overweight, tendinitis, cellulite elimination, certain types of alopecia, etc.). These are mostly painless microinjections. In some cases, they are also used to treat pain caused by sports injuries.

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