Alternative medicine and natural

At our clinic, we have specialists in Alternative Medicine · natural medicine · homeopathy · neural therapy · nutrition

- Naturopathy: a Formulation of natural extracts, nutritional supplements and natural food that seeks to balance and health.

- Homeopathy: Formulation of homeopathic medicines to achieve the improvement of multiple pathologies.

- Biological medicine German: Homotoxicologia: homeopathic medicines of the second generation.

- Neural therapy: a Technique of application of procaine at specific points through the nervous system seeks to correct painful spots and other pathologies.

- Auriculotherapy: Application of stimuli spot on the ear, helpful for aches, anxiety and helps in slimming control.

- Bioenergetics: Different techniques through the use of filters, colors, infrared laser, among others, regulates physiological functions.

- Osteopathy: Technical manipulative musculoskeletal and visceral search of a natural way of restoration and harmony of these tissues.

Come to our center and we'll tell you more about Alternative Medicine and natural.

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