About Us

About Us

The RegenBioCell regenerative and anti-aging medicine unit, located in our modern RegenBiocell Clinic, has extensive experience in bringing health and well-being to all our patients. In addition, we have the best human and technological team, which is reason enough for your trust in us. At RegenBiocell Clinic, you will find professionals specialized in regenerative medicine, anti-aging, aesthetics, laser surgery, as well as a team of nurses, cosmetologists, physiotherapists, and beauticians who will take care of your health so that you feel good both inside and out, always seeking to offer you the best alternatives, equipment, and human talent. We put all our knowledge at your service for your complete well-being and beauty.

RegenBiocell Clinic has a modern and comfortable headquarters strategically located in Albir (Alfaz del pi) Alicante, to attend to our patients. In addition, we have state-of-the-art equipment to provide excellent service to our patients.

Our mission

We are an organization dedicated to providing health services in the areas of stem cells, regenerative medicine and anti-aging, aesthetic medicine, and laser surgery. We offer our patients the competence and experience of our professionals with a human touch to achieve high levels of satisfaction. We use specialized and state-of-the-art technology and constantly develop innovations to offer better quality of life and excellent services.

Our vision

We will be a cutting-edge organization in regenerative and anti-aging medicine, aesthetic medicine, and laser surgery, complying with healthcare regulations to achieve high standards of quality and meet the demands of our clients.

Quality policy

We are a service-oriented organization in regenerative and anti-aging medicine, aesthetic medicine, and laser surgery. We perform proven procedures according to a strict patient selection protocol to achieve high standards of satisfaction and quality, using specialized technology equipment. We encourage technical training and the comprehensive growth of our collaborators, generating security and credibility and thus guaranteeing the preference of our clients, the profitability of the organization, and its continuous improvement.

Our team


Bachelor of Medicine from UDG. Master's degree in Aesthetic Medicine.

Founder and Medical Director.

Surgeon MD. General and Family Medicine. Master's degree in Regenerative and Anti-aging Medicine from UV. Master's degree in Hair Transplantation.


Specialist in Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine from UV.

Physical therapist

Diploma in Physiotherapy from UM.

Administrative Director

Commercial and Financial Administrator from UB.


Journalist from UMH.

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