What is the hydrolipoclasia?

Dr. Óscar Máyorga explains the procedure used to eliminate localized fat with hydrolipoclasia at the RegenBiocell Clinic in Albir.

Localized fat is found in the form of fat deposits in specific areas of the body.

It is usually present in the abdominal area, sides, hips, thighs, and back. This type of fat deposits almost never disappears with physical activity or diets.

Hydrolipoclasia is a complex but effective treatment in which the body plays a central role in the process of eliminating fat.

This technique, also known as non-surgical liposuction, involves breaking cells so that they release the fat they contain. The released fat is metabolized through the liver, so the body is responsible for eliminating excess fat.

What is ultrasonic hydrolipoclasia?

The technique known as ultrasonic hydrolipoclasia is effective for small areas of localized fat. For larger amounts, liposuction is preferable.

However, it should be emphasized that direct application of ultrasound to the skin is not capable of providing good results, and the application of liquids through very fine needles is necessary to produce the desired results.

- These fluids are generally associated with lipolytic agents. It is not a well-known treatment. It involves the application of large volumes of medication in areas with fat and/or cellulite deposits.

- Then ultrasound is used for 15 minutes, taking advantage of its cavitation effect.

- The combination of ultrasound and previously injected drugs causes the breakdown of fat cells and their elimination through the blood and lymphatic circulation.

What is it used for?

This treatment is used to treat cellulite and to remove small amounts of localized fat. For larger amounts, liposuction is the best solution.

Its waves penetrate to a depth of 3 to 4 centimeters, strongly agitating the water particles in the treated area, which collide with fat cells, causing their elimination.

This function of the body is comparable to that of cryolipolysis.

This process is carried out in two stages.

- First, saline solution is injected into the body, which will swell fat cells like balloons until they burst. Ultrasound treatment can be used to facilitate this rupture and fat release.

- Once the cells are broken, the second step is to perform lymphatic drainage to completely release the fat contained in the cells, which reaches the liver to expel the fat from the body.

- It should also be noted that once fat cells are broken, it will be difficult for fat to accumulate again in this area.

The main advantage of this technique is that it achieves results very similar to those of surgical liposuction without the need for surgery.

This procedure is also less expensive than surgical liposuction.

Experts recommend a low-fat diet during treatment. In fact, the release of fat at the cellular level makes the body very fatty after treatment.

Before undergoing any such intervention, seek competent and qualified medical advice to obtain the most possible information about the technique you are considering.

How is the treatment performed to remove fat?

- It is done with very fine needles through which small amounts are injected into each area to be treated.

- It can be associated with lipolytic substances, and contrary to mesotherapy (intradermal), the liquid is injected deeply, directly into the adipose tissue, since adipose tissue has little innervation, it is painless or practically painless (depending on the tolerance of each patient).

- Then ultrasound is applied for aesthetic purposes for a period of time that is related to the injected volume and region.

- This application is painless and almost pleasurable, as a circular massage is performed throughout the treated area with the tip of the ultrasound-emitting device (completely imperceptible) and a comfortable warmth.

- These ultrasound waves, in combination with the previously injected fluid, produce the lysis (breakdown) of fat cells that the body subsequently eliminates, reducing the volume of fat deposits.

- It has the effect of liposuction but is slower as it is performed weekly.

- Afterwards, a lymphatic massage or drainage (manual or with equipment) is performed to complete the treatment.

How to enhance the results?

The results can be improved with the addition of a substance that has been in use for several years called PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE, which is applied after HYDROLIPOCLASIA and has an important emulsifying effect (softening intracellular fat and facilitating its elimination).

In each session, mesotherapy treatment can be added to act on the number and size of each fat cell, improving the reducing effect of the volume to be treated.

Sessions are weekly for the first 6 to 8 sessions, and then, depending on the case, can be biweekly. The patient can immediately continue with their normal activities.

It is performed on both sexes.

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